Technology advancements have made home automation brighter and more convenient among homeowners. 

The process of automating numerous electrical equipment and appliances in your house so you may control them from a smartphone or tablet is known as home automation.

You may operate it even from a distance. In this article, we'll talk about the newest convenient innovations in home automation, like door video phones and remote control switches for lights and fans.

Remote Switches For Fans And Lights

People are increasingly using remote control switches for lights and fans. These switches let you operate your lights and fans without standing up and going to the switch from anywhere in the room. 

Switches can remotely control indoor and outdoor lighting and are simple to install instead of traditional switches.

Those with mobility challenges or those who want to operate their lights and fans without leaving their comfortable posture will find remote control switches for lights and fans very helpful. 

In addition to being energy-efficient and convenient, these switches enable you to turn off the lights and fans when you leave the room, reducing your energy costs. You can also control the lighting shade. 

Automate Your Home To Make It The Best Place To Live.

Devices like thermostats, smart lighting, and smart security systems are examples of home automation technology. An app that may be downloaded to your tablet or smartphone allows you to operate these devices.

People are increasingly embracing home automation because it is convenient and energy-efficient. You can manage many areas of your house remotely thanks to home automation. 

For instance, you can modify the temperature in your home while you're away on vacation and turn off the lights, or you can switch on the air conditioner before you reach home.

Video Door Phones

Due to increased security, video door phones are becoming popular among homeowners. 

  • You may prevent burglaries and home invasions by using video door phones to look at who is at your front door before even opening it. A monitor installed inside your home and a camera installed outside your front door often make up video door phones.
  • Similar to video doorbells, a door video phone also has a speaker and microphone so you can converse with whoever is at your front door. Homeowners who want to speak with visitors without answering the door use a door video phone.
  • For people with mobility challenges or those who are hesitant to open the door to strangers, door video phones can be extremely helpful. 

Monitoring your home while you are out from it can be extremely helpful.


These modern innovations can help you save money on energy costs, keep your house safe from intruders, and add convenience and security. 

If you're interested in home automation and security systems, you can browse though Legrand’s website, consider contacting a professional installer who can guide you in making the best product selections and installations for your home.